jeudi 24 novembre 2011

Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio - Jitterbug Junction (1997)

Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio - Jitterbug Junction

1 From Whence It Came 9:37
2 Jitterbug Junction 6:38
3 One For John 10:00
4 The Sweet Nectar Of Cacophany 16:08
5 Ash'E
Saxophone [Soprano] - Ari Brown
Vocals, Kalimba [Thumb Piano] - Kahil El'Zabar 5:49
6 This Little Light Of Mine 12:46

Drums - Kahil El'Zabar
Bass - Malachi Favors
Tenor Saxophone - Ari Brown

Recorded 10 June 1997 at The Spirit Room, Rossie, NY.

2 commentaires:

  1. This is a beautiful recording. If any of you are on the fence, just go for it. You will be rewarded.

    In addition, I wanted to state my continued appreciation of your hard work on this blog.

  2. After Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Kahil El'Zabar still continued to quest his original music.

    Appreciation like from you is the best encouragement for me to continue this blog. Thank you from me too.