mardi 22 novembre 2011

Gunter Hampel / Boulou Ferre - Espace (1970)

Gunter Hampel / Boulou Ferre - Espace

A1 Satori
A2 Like You - Part 1
A3 Gettin' Known
B1 Mythology
B2 Like You - Part 2
B3 Morceau Pour Ivan
B4 Egypsian's Sundance

Flute, Vibraphone [Vibes], Clarinet [Alto], Xylophone [Balafon] - Gunter Hampel
Guitar, Acoustic Guitar [Flamenco] - Boulou Ferre

Written-By - Gunter Hampel

A1, A2 recorded August 1970 at Studio Saravah, Paris.
A3, B1 to B4 recorded October 1970 live on a farm near St. Tropez,

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  1. What a mastery those guys have ! It's a true eye-opener for me as I mostly knew Boulou Ferré in the gypsy or classic/contemporary styles. Here, he plays beautifully and with an impressive confidence especially considering his age, and lays a perfect "background" for Gunther Hampel to throw his lyrical and boosted lines, but not only : his single lines mixed with arpeggios and rhythm parts are perfectly fluent.

    Thank you very much for this unexpected gem !

  2. Greetings. Many thanks for "Espace". Back in the late '70s and '80s when Hampel's LPs were available in local record shops I bought everything that came in. Except for this one. I just was not interested in acoustic guitar back then so I passed on it a number of times. Not today! I look forward to finally hearing it. Do you have any other of his recordings - I have everything else you have posted - such as:

    -Gunter Hampel & Jeanne Lee [on Wergo Records, 1968]
    -Ruomi [Birth Records, 1974]
    -Transformation [Birth Records, 1976]
    -Cavana [Birth Records, 1981]
    -Generator [Birth Records, 1981]

    There are so many, virtually anything would be most welcome. Thanks for your work to make all this music available. Be assured, it IS appreciated.


    1. hi brian
      look at
      there are 17o CDs-LPs-DVDs

  3. Hi Brian,

    I am happy that Espace is loved.

    I have no more Gunter Hampel works than uploaded on this blog. So, if you upload the listed up his works on this blog, I will much appreciate it.

  4. Unfortunately I have no turntable [a roomful of LPs but no turntable?!] so I'm not able to provide any uploads. Sorry.


  5. Link dead, someone could upload the file again if this is possible

  6. Link dead, someone could upload the file again if this is possible