mercredi 1 septembre 2010

Lucio Capece & Lee Patterson - Empty Matter

Lucio Capece: soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, preparations, sruti box
Lee Patterson: cd players, pick-ups, ebowed springrods, springplate, hazelnuts

The first plays also soprano saxophone, as well as bass clarinet and shruti
box and Patterson CD players, pick-ups, e-bowed springrods, springplate
and hazelnuts - another combination of wind instruments with
electronics, but more extended than Matthews and Rives. They recorded
the eight pieces, which if you don't pay attention to the CD player go
by as one track. I assume this is a concert recording. Unlike
Matthews/Rives there seems to be an equal balance between both players,
really melting together the sounds they produce. Delightful and
delicate are the words that apply to this release. Like the other
release on Another Timbre this slightly by-passes the regular paths of
improvisation, mainly due to whatever Patterson does with his CD
players and pick-ups. It sort gives an additional electronic layer to
the music, making this perhaps a bit more drone based than the usual
releases of Another Timbre, butthroughout this is a pretty strong
release, which ties together improvisation, electro-acoustics and drone
based music. Excellent. (from Vital Weekly 714)


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