jeudi 23 septembre 2010

Anthony Braxton, Evan Parker, Paul Rutherford - Trio (London) 1993

Anthony Braxton: alto & sopranino saxophones
Evan Parker: tenor & soprano saxophones
Paul Rutherford: trombone

Reviewby Scott Yanow

The lack of liner notes on this otherwise rewarding CD sometimes makes it difficult to know exactly what is going on. The unusual trio (comprised of trombonist Paul Rutherford and multireedists Anthony Braxton and Evan Parker) perform five adventurous group improvisations that are surprisingly concise (all but one clocks in between six and eleven minutes) and largely self-sufficient despite the lack of any rhythm instruments. Still, this is not a release for the beginner and it is most highly recommended to collectors already quite familiar with Anthony Braxton's explorative music.(from AMG)

1993 TRIO (LONDON) 1993

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