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Milford Graves Trio - Festival Sons D'hiver 2008

Posted in 2008 by Boromir from inconstant sol

Milford Graves Trio
Festival Sons d'Hiver
Salle Gérard Philipe,
17 february 200872:55

Kidd Jordan (tenor sax)
William Parker (double bass)
Milford Graves (drums, percussion, voice)

1. Unknow 6:51
2. Unknow 16:28
3. Unknow 5:59
4. Unknow 7:43
5. Unknow 14:40
6. Unknow 7:23
7. Milford speak 4:41
8. Unknow 7:30
9. Milford speak 1:40

Looking through Graves's discography on the net, I was surprised how relatively few commercial recordings he's made, considering he was one of the pioneers of freejazz in the 60s, so has been around a long time. I see he's a teacher and healer so maybe they are his main interests. It was great then to come across one of his rare performances on dime
Kidd Jordan was not a name I'd come across until recently. He's also a real veteran whose played with artists as diverse as Ray Charles and Cecil Taylor. Like Graves, he is also a teacher.
Not much to say about Parker that's hasn't already been said. You almost expect him to be present on these kind of gigs. He holds these pieces together brilliantly and has a few brief but inspired solos.
All the tracks are high-octane improvisational stuff. It's an audience recording (thanks to "cosmikd" for seeding), of resonable, but not excellent, quality, so I'll post MP3 version only.

2008 FESTIVAL SONS D'HIVER 2008 (bootleg)

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