lundi 17 mai 2010

The Art Ensemble: 1967/68

Lester Bowie: trumpet, drums (bass), flugelhorn, horn, siren
Roscoe Mitchell: alto & soprano saxophones, clarinet, flute, harmonica, percussion, recorder, gourd
Joseph Jarman: alto & soprano saxophones, flute, clarinet, bassoon
Malachi Favors Maghostut: bass, electric bass, kazoo, zither
Charles Clark: bass
Thurman Barker: drums
Robert Crowder: drums
Phillip Wilson: drums

Reviewby Scott Yanow

This limited-edition five-CD set available directly from Nessa not only reissues the important free jazz albums Old/Quartet, Numbers 1 & 2, and Congliptious but contains quite a bit of music taken from rehearsals by the members of the group that would by 1969 become known as the Art Ensemble of Chicago. With such advanced improvisers as trumpeter Lester Bowie, Roscoe Mitchell and Joseph Jarman on reeds, bassist Malachi Favors, drummer Phillip Wilson, and appearances from bassist Charles Clark, drummers Robert Crowder and Thurman Barker, the music is usually very emotional and sometimes quite scary. There are meandering sections and individual performances that do not work all that well, but in general the music is quite colorful, adventurous, and innovative: in many ways the beginning of the modern avant-garde. Open-eared listeners are advised to search for this important historical set.

1967/68 THE ART ENSEMBLE : CD1 - CD2 -CD3 - CD4 - CD5

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  1. Another great upload, and all tracks work! Thanks!

  2. A real rarity... a must have...Thanks, thanks a lot !

  3. thanks for this great share !
    and ah -could you possibly re-upload disk D ?

  4. Wow! Amazing early stuff from Art Ensemble. Many many thks &, yes, CD4 is dead. Would be great if you could mend its link. Peace.

  5. Hey,
    CD4 is re-upload here:

    1. Incredible site. Disc 4 maybe in RS? or mediafire?

  6. A big thank! Just listening Ericka: AEC was really burning then. Saw them in those days & it's was great. They had to leave for France to make a living. Same old song of economic struggle & social undervalue. We have to support living creative musicians by going to their concerts, buying their records, making their work known by word of mouth, writing, blogs or any mean of giving them back a reason to go on. Let's free the music from that f* rotten old world!

  7. CD$ is here.

    1. Thanks, such wonderful music.

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