vendredi 19 février 2010

Bertrand Gauguet, Franz Hautzinger, Thomas Lehn - close up

Bertrand Gauguet: sax
Franz Hautzinger: trompet, electronics
Thomas Lehn: electronics

Free electroacoustic stuff, oscillations, permutations, sons divers, étranges, continu, interrompu. Indifférenciation, analogique, numérique. Signal sonore, frottement, crissement. Espace, temps. Géométrie, hasard. Courbes, racine carrée, intégrale, asymptote, hyperbole. Racine de pie sur un sinusoïde.


6 commentaires:

  1. 1ère track corrompue.... décidément!
    courage on va y arriver

  2. Essaie de le retélécharger, ça marche ici

  3. Thanks a lot, real new music
    is always welcome

    the best for you

  4. Since you've been so nice to reupload the Lazro/Minton album after my request I'd like to ask you to help me out with 4 other albums. The links are not dead, but each one of them has one corrupt track which you can't extract. I really hope this isn't to bold of me and of course you shouldn't hurry.

    Those albums are:
    Evan Parker (with birds) - For Steve Lacy
    Evan Parker - Saxophone Solos
    Evan Parker, George Lewis, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton - Hook, Drift & Shuffle
    Bertrand Gauguet, Franz Hautzinger, Thomas Lehn - close up

    I hope you don't regard it as spamming when I post this under all four of them.
    Thank you very much in advance and thanks for all the other great music in your blog.