dimanche 12 février 2012

Albert Ayler Quintet - Black Revolt (1966)

Albert Ayler Quintet - Black Revolt

1 Bells 18:18
2 Ghosts 23:24

Bass - Lewis Worrell
Percussion - Ronald Shannon Jackson
Tenor Saxophone, Written-By - Albert Ayler
Trumpet - Donald Ayler
Violin - Michel Sampson

Recorded May 1, 1966 at Slug's Saloon, NYC.

Very rare album feturing two long tunes of Albert Ayler quintet in 1966
at Slug's Saloon.Maybe not official recording. So sound quality is not so
good. But it is worthwhile with very long performances of middle 60s Ayler.


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  1. The various bootlehs of the Slug's saloon recordings have been much maligned over the years, possibly due to some dodgy tape-work that seems to make the cymbals sound as if they're playing backwards. Even so, it is good to see a nod going in the direction of this recording as it features the awesome '66 band that featured Don Ayler and Michel Samson.

  2. This looks like the last track of CD1 and the firs track of CD2 fro ESP 4025 (" Albert Ayler Live at Slug's Saloonm May 1 1955"), which is still available on download or CD from ESPDISK at http://www.espdisk.com/official/catalog/4025.html - so rare it ain't!

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