jeudi 22 septembre 2011

Steve Lacy & Tony Rusconi - L'Avventura

Steve Lacy & Tony Rusconi - L'Avventura (Duo live)

1. L'Avventura (Part 1) 7:28
2. The Way 3:35
3. Bone 4:19
4. L'Avventura (Part 2) 9:57
5. Life On Its Way 4:23

Personnel :
Steve Lacy - Soprano sax
Tony Rusconi- Percussions

Duo live of Steve Lacy and Italian percussionist Tony Rusconi.
Although I have no idea when this live was performed, the album
was issued on 1981.

5 commentaires:

  1. I asked Tony Rusconi about this concert, he told me it was indeed recorded in 1981, in Lecco, Italy

  2. Oh, you are friend of Tony Rusconi. Thank you for this information. In my country, his CD is very rare.

  3. Its very rare indeed, I also recommend this great one with Steve Lacy & Rusconi, available ONLY on Itunes:

  4. Thank you for introducing this to me. I will listen to this.