dimanche 31 octobre 2010

Christine Sehnaoui - Solo

Christine Sehnaoui: alto saxophone

With a very distinguished and prolific language her music really took me by surprise the first time I heard it. waves of polytonal freedom and poetic beauty. lines of noise clusters and complex patterns.she is sculpting her sounds around a microtonal hub, transforming slow melodies into free improvised structures and drama that is just giving me such inspiration
and joy!
I haven’t heard such new sounds on that horn in a veeeery long time. to hear an instrumentalist nowadays finding new sounds on an instrument on this level can only be compared to when Axel Dörner entered the scene quite some years ago with a totally new concept on how to produce sounds and noises from an acoustic instrument! Axel and Christine are perhaps the two most interesting musicians making electronic music on acoustic instrument up-to-date!
To hear Christine improvise on her alto sax is in my universe to put together the great universes of Morton Feldman, Lee Konitz, Günter Christmann, Magnus Granberg and Loren Connors!
the capability of binding together the micro details in such a convincing and beautiful way is reserved for very few musicians and artists. to make us see the whole picture/ beauty thru the smallest details. that ROCKS! It F****N RULES!!!

Mats Gustafsson Feb 23rd 2007

2007 SOLO (rapidshare/mediafire)

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